West Linn Paper Company & Port Hawkesbury Paper

At the West Linn Paper Company and Port Hawkesbury Paper, our mission is to continually exceed our customers' expectations through a commitment to responsive, personalized service along with reliable and competitive products in the printing and publication paper market. The people behind the paper make the difference.

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Commitment to Service

We offer the customer service and attention to detail that is often overlooked with larger mills. By remaining flexible in our manufacturing, we deliver what our customers need—quality paper and fast, on-time delivery. Each knowledgeable sales, technical support and customer service representative provides the personalized service and attention to detail that make doing business with us easy.

Quality Products

The West Linn Paper Sonoma, Capistrano & Nature brands are well-known and respected throughout the industry. We have solid on-press performance. We use statistical quality control to track ourselves against target, continuously monitoring quality levels as well as process monitoring tools, including online scanners and PC-based network of control loops. Customer feedback goes directly to crews and management who sign off on every quality complaint. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product possible.

The Port Hawkesbury Artisan, Prominence and Maritime brands may be new to the industry, but the reputation of the mill at Port Hawkesbury is to deliver state-of-the-art quality.  Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of a highly-skilled workforce, Port Hawkesbury Paper will continue to deliver that same high-quality supercalendered paper, just with a new name.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Through sound environmental practices and careful management, we strive to preserve and protect the natural beauty that surrounds us. Continually reviewing and improving waste reduction, energy efficiency and environmental policies are part of our commitment to produce our products in a more sustainable way. We are proud of our accomplishments and are dedicated to constantly improving the mill operations and environmental practices for the betterment of the community and the business.

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